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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Worksheet

A practice sheet for perpendicular and parallel lines! Practice the symbols and their names, identify line sets, and draw some of the relationships! This is a free downloadable worksheet (in .pdf). Just click the link (red text) below and print it! Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Worksheet Don’t miss our post that describes these basic line relationships! Click Here for the […]

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Ohm’s Law – The principle of Electronic Circuits

ohm's law, ohms law, resistance, voltage, current

There are many properties of electricity but some of the most basic are explained by Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law describes the relationship between current, resistance, and voltage. Below are simple definitions of each, and following the definitions is a good analogy to help in understanding how these properties relate. Current = the flow of electric charge, the movement of electrons […]

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Permutation and Combination and What is a Factorial?

permuation and combination, factorial

If you have 7 different options on the menu and you can order 2 of them for your combo-meal, how many possible meal combinations are there?  To figure this out, you need only a simple formula and a cool math operation called the factorial. What is a factorial? The factorial is written as an integer with an exclamation point (!).  […]

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Easy 2-digit subtraction tricks

Subtraction Tricks!    Quick subtraction of 2 digit numbers    Subtract both the ten’s and one’s place straight down.  If the one’s is negative, subtract 1 from the ten’s place result, and add 10 to the negative result in the one’s place. These are the ten’s and ones digit of your answer – see the example steps below:    1. […]

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What are Prime Numbers? Is 2 a prime number?

prime number, prime numbers, 4th grade maths

Prime numbers are any numbers that cannot be evenly divided by any integer other than 1 and itself. Or in other words, the only numbers that you can multiply to get a prime number are 1 and the prime number. Numbers that are not prime, or those with additional factors other than 1 and itself, are called composite numbers. The […]

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What is a gigabyte? Computer hardware numbers

computer hardware, binary numbers, computer math, coolmath

1 point 21 Gigabytes!?! What the heck is a gigabyte? Read on for a quick explanation of computer hardware units – bytes and hertz.        Computer Hardware: Information storage and memory Memory and storage sizes are usually a total of the number of bytes of data that can be retained.  A byte is a single piece of data, like a […]

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12 Ways to Improve Mathematics Skill

mathematics, maths skill, fractions, tutor

Improve your Mathematics Skill The following are some thoughts on how to improve your mathematics ability. Each one of these basic ideas relies heavily on the others and what works for one person may not be the best for another, but perhaps there is a tidbit here that will help you become aware of something you can do in your […]

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Teacher Appreciation -Thank you teachers!

I am so very grateful to the many teachers I’ve had. I am grateful for their patience and willingness to work with me when I couldn’t quite understand something and I am grateful for their guidance and mentoring, even when they were sure that I wasn’t paying attention. Teachers are intelligent people who could have chosen a more lucrative path, […]

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What is a knot?

Have you ever heard in movies when a sailor or a pilot talks about their speed in knots? It is obvious they are talking about how fast they are moving, but what exactly is a knot?

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Multiplication Practice Worksheets

mutliplication worksheets, maths worksheets, 5th grade math worksheets, 4th grade math worksheets

A collection of math practice sheets – these are the Multiplication Sheets! Basic multiplication facts practice, free printable downloads – with practice for various levels.

The better you can do your multiplication, the funner math can be. Learn the basic multiplication facts by practice, practice, practice.

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Addition Practice Worksheets

addition worksheet, maths worksheet, 3rd grade math worksheet, 2nd grade math worksheet

A collection of math practice sheets – these are the Addition Worksheets. Basic practice with addition, 60 problems per sheet, free printable downloads – with practice for various levels. Addition Worksheets Single Digits Addition Practice Sheet 1 Addition Practice Sheet 2 Single and Double Digits Addition Practice Sheet 3 Practice math to make it easier and more fun. The time […]

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