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What number am I? – Prime numbers and perfect squares

Math Teaser I am a perfect square. My square root is a prime number, less than 100, and the digits of the square root add up to a perfect square. My own digits add up to a prime number. [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” icon=5 activeicon=6] To solve this, we need to first determine what the options for […]

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Probability – the OR case

probability dice image

We are continuing our discussion of Probability. If you missed the introduction and the “and” case of probability, here you go. Probability – the AND case Remember that probability is the odds or percentage of likelihood of an event happening in a given set of circumstances. The range of probability is from 0 to 1, where 0 is absolute impossibility […]

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Ohm’s Law – The principle of Electronic Circuits

ohm's law, ohms law, resistance, voltage, current

There are many properties of electricity but some of the most basic are explained by Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law describes the relationship between current, resistance, and voltage. Below are simple definitions of each, and following the definitions is a good analogy to help in understanding how these properties relate. Current = the flow of electric charge, the movement of electrons […]

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Permutation and Combination and What is a Factorial?

permuation and combination, factorial

If you have 7 different options on the menu and you can order 2 of them for your combo-meal, how many possible meal combinations are there?  To figure this out, you need only a simple formula and a cool math operation called the factorial. What is a factorial? The factorial is written as an integer with an exclamation point (!).  […]

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What are Prime Numbers? Is 2 a prime number?

prime number, prime numbers, 4th grade maths

Prime numbers are any numbers that cannot be evenly divided by any integer other than 1 and itself. Or in other words, the only numbers that you can multiply to get a prime number are 1 and the prime number. Numbers that are not prime, or those with additional factors other than 1 and itself, are called composite numbers. The […]

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Steps in a mile

If I were to start a new exercise program where I double my previous day’s steps each new day, on which day of the program will I first walk a full mile? I will start with 1 step on Day 1 and all of my steps are 2 feet long. Bonus: On that day, how many steps beyond a mile […]

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12 Ways to Improve Mathematics Skill

mathematics, maths skill, fractions, tutor

Improve your Mathematics Skill The following are some thoughts on how to improve your mathematics ability. Each one of these basic ideas relies heavily on the others and what works for one person may not be the best for another, but perhaps there is a tidbit here that will help you become aware of something you can do in your […]

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What Number am I? – Square, cube, prime digits

Math Teaser I am a 3 digit number whose product of my digits is equal to 144. Of my 3 digits, one is a cube, one is a square, and one is a prime. If the six numbers that meet these criteria are listed in increasing order, I am fifth in the list. [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” […]

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Date Night

A man leaves work at 5:00 and averages 30 mph on his 20 minute drive home.  The man is picking up his wife for date night, a 6:00 dinner reservation. If the restaurant is twice as far from home as his workplace and they will average 60 mph to the restaurant, how much time do they have after he arrives […]

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