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Permutation and Combination and What is a Factorial?

permuation and combination, factorial

If you have 7 different options on the menu and you can order 2 of them for your combo-meal, how many possible meal combinations are there?  To figure this out, you need only a simple formula and a cool math operation called the factorial. What is a factorial? The factorial is written as an integer with an exclamation point (!).  […]

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25 Cent Coin Combinations

Math Teaser How any combinations of US coins are there that add up to 25 cents? [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” icon=5 activeicon=6] There are 12 possible coin combinations of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter that add up to 25 cents. These coin combinations are easier to count if you realize that you will not be able […]

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Football Score

In football, how many possible scoring combinations are there that would result in a team having 10 points on the scoreboard? (Ignore defensive points on PAT attempts) [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” icon=5 activeicon=6] The possible scores to consider are a safety (2 points), a field goal (3 points), a touchdown with no extra-point/PAT or two-point conversion (6 […]

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