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12 Ways to Improve Mathematics Skill

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Improve your Mathematics Skill The following are some thoughts on how to improve your mathematics ability. Each one of these basic ideas relies heavily on the others and what works for one person may not be the best for another, but perhaps there is a tidbit here that will help you become aware of something you can do in your […]

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Teacher Appreciation -Thank you teachers!

I am so very grateful to the many teachers I’ve had. I am grateful for their patience and willingness to work with me when I couldn’t quite understand something and I am grateful for their guidance and mentoring, even when they were sure that I wasn’t paying attention. Teachers are intelligent people who could have chosen a more lucrative path, […]

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Learning Inertia

Imagine how much we would know if we were always learning.  Learning should be something we are constantly doing – and we, with a few small changes here and there, can start on that path right now. Our challenge is to make learning a bigger portion of our lives…  The wasted and lazy times are potholes in the road and if we […]

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I always have a calculator, I don’t need to learn this…

Sure, you have a nice phone – So what! Even cheapie phones have a calculator built in. And so what if you always have it with you. If you are practiced in your math skills, you can still make an estimated calculation faster in your head than you can do it by digging your phone out and navigating to the […]

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We believe that everyone can do math. Often, when people feel like they cannot do math well, it is because their experience with math is incomplete and they need a boost to overcome some hurdles that were not cleared along their educational path. We want to give everyone the confidence they need to be better at math and this site […]

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