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What Number am I? – Square, cube, prime digits

Math Teaser I am a 3 digit number whose product of my digits is equal to 144. Of my 3 digits, one is a cube, one is a square, and one is a prime. If the six numbers that meet these criteria are listed in increasing order, I am fifth in the list. [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” […]

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multiples of 3 – an answer check and factoring trick

So here is a neat math trick to help make some sense of how numbers combine when dealing with 3 and its multiples (3,6,9,12…).  This falls in the “cool, but wierd, but oddly useful” bucket. Check your multiplication answers Any time you multiply by 3, the digits in the answer will always add up to a multiple of 3.  For […]

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