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Ohm’s Law – The principle of Electronic Circuits

ohm's law, ohms law, resistance, voltage, current

There are many properties of electricity but some of the most basic are explained by Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law describes the relationship between current, resistance, and voltage. Below are simple definitions of each, and following the definitions is a good analogy to help in understanding how these properties relate. Current = the flow of electric charge, the movement of electrons […]

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What is a gigabyte? Computer hardware numbers

computer hardware, binary numbers, computer math, coolmath

1 point 21 Gigabytes!?! What the heck is a gigabyte? Read on for a quick explanation of computer hardware units – bytes and hertz.        Computer Hardware: Information storage and memory Memory and storage sizes are usually a total of the number of bytes of data that can be retained.  A byte is a single piece of data, like a […]

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What is a knot?

Have you ever heard in movies when a sailor or a pilot talks about their speed in knots? It is obvious they are talking about how fast they are moving, but what exactly is a knot?

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Baseball Math

If you watch a game on TV, it won’t take long for you to see numbers come flying up on the screen.  Baseball is a game that lends itself very well to all kinds of statistics and math calculation. I won’t cover it all…  How could I?  This post has a lot to it already… BUT, here are a few […]

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One million – how big is a million, really?

one million, 1 million, million, how big is a million, mathematics, coolmath

1,000,000 is huge! Maybe it seems common because we hear it so much, but look at the examples below to get a better understanding of the huge-ness of 1 million. You may never think the same about a million again. Examples of one million How long is 1 million seconds? 1 million seconds / (3600 seconds/hour x 24 hours/day) = […]

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Roman Numerals – symbols and counting

roman numeral worksheet, maths worksheet, 2nd grade math worksheet, 3rd grade math worksheet, roman numerals

Roman Numerals are all around us – sometimes hiding in plain sight. Maybe you have a few basics memorized and you don’t even notice them. Or maybe, you have no idea what they are… Either way, here is a quick look at how they work and the math behind them, then you can jump over to the Practice Page for […]

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Are we there yet?

Ever been driving and wonder how much longer you will be on the road? Or how much sooner you’ll get there if you speed up? If so, keep reading. Some simple math can help you figure it out while driving – and it can help pass the time since the inputs to the equation change every second you move down […]

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Football Math

Practice math while watching football! Football is full of numbers and statistics, and it is fun to keep up with them while watching the game. This post has a few ideas to practice during the games.

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