We Encourage Math

There are ways to learn that are boring and ineffectivewe don’t have those on our site! We want math to be fun so you will want to continue learning.

Make Math a Game encourages you to keep learning by giving you tools and tricks and techniques that help you to see that math is useful everywhere, it is within your abilities to get better at math, and that it is worthwhile to practice your math skills.

We are always looking for ways to make math fun, more accessible, and more inviting! If you have any ideas – feel free to share them with us on our Suggestion Page. Please look through our posts for interesting topics that will help you get more excited about math. Take a little at a time and practice – it will immediately become useful to you in your life!

You can do it! We know you can, and we want to help. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook (or both) and check back here often for more ideas to help your math skills grow.

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