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What number am I? – Prime numbers and perfect squares

Math Teaser I am a perfect square. My square root is a prime number, less than 100, and the digits of the square root add up to a perfect square. My own digits add up to a prime number. [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” icon=5 activeicon=6] To solve this, we need to first determine what the options for […]

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What are Prime Numbers? Is 2 a prime number?

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Prime numbers are any numbers that cannot be evenly divided by any integer other than 1 and itself. Or in other words, the only numbers that you can multiply to get a prime number are 1 and the prime number. Numbers that are not prime, or those with additional factors other than 1 and itself, are called composite numbers. The […]

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What Number am I? – Square, cube, prime digits

Math Teaser I am a 3 digit number whose product of my digits is equal to 144. Of my 3 digits, one is a cube, one is a square, and one is a prime. If the six numbers that meet these criteria are listed in increasing order, I am fifth in the list. [doptoggle title=”Click Here to see the Solution!!!” […]

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