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Multiplying teens by teens

Use these easy steps to quickly multiply any number between 10 and 20 by another number between 10 and 20. Anything from 11-19 – we are talking about some big numbers that you probably aren’t going to memorize – so it helps to have a fast way to do them. The steps may seem a bit ”tricky” at first, but […]

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Multiplication Practice Worksheets

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A collection of math practice sheets – these are the Multiplication Sheets! Basic multiplication facts practice, free printable downloads – with practice for various levels.

The better you can do your multiplication, the funner math can be. Learn the basic multiplication facts by practice, practice, practice.

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The 11’s trick

A cool math trick to help you multiply many (but not all…) two digit numbers by 11 – very quickly and in your head! Let’s start with a simple example:   11 * 12 = 132 Do you notice anything about the product? (The “product” is what the answer of a multiplication problem is called) See how the answer 132 has […]

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Multiplication by halving and doubling

Sometimes multiplying numbers makes you reach for a pencil and paper… Use this math to help make some bigger problems easier. When given a problem, you can take one of the numbers and cut it in half, and then double the other number. This may result in a combination of numbers that is easier to work with. If one of […]

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Some squares and cubes you should know

What is a square? When a number is multiplied by itself, the result is called the square of that number. For example, 3 * 3 = 9.  This is the same as saying 3 squared, or written with an exponent as 32, and 9 is called the square of 3. This type of calculation is used frequently in math.  Many formulas […]

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Multiplying by 9’s

Did you know that when you multiply a 9 by another single digit that the digits of the product will add up to 9? This an easy way to help you remember the multiples of 9 and is helpful in checking your answer.   Let’s take a look: Notice that the 1 and the 8 in the 18 add up […]

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