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What Number am I? – Combination of digits

Math Teaser I am 3 digits. My digits add up to 10. The product of my digits is 20. I am an odd number. The digit in the hundreds place plus the digit in the tens place equals the digit in the ones place. The smallest digit is in the middle.

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Halloween Candy

Because of her cute princess costume, a little girl gets 30 more pieces of Halloween candy than her brother in a zombie ninja costume. If together they combine for 190 pieces of candy, how many pieces does the little girl have?

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Date Night

A man leaves work at 5:00 and averages 30 mph on his 20 minute drive home.  The man is picking up his wife for date night, a 6:00 dinner reservation. If the restaurant is twice as far from home as his workplace and they will average 60 mph to the restaurant, how much time do they have after he arrives […]

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